An Ode to My Beloved Afro

Diana Ross Look A like.jpgShall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Though art more lovely…
But not more temperate.
You’ve been unruly and wild
Since my days as a child,
And I admit there were times your curls I did hate.

525,600 minutes make up a whole year,
But my measurement was always different,
That much was clear.
I counted in shampoo, conditioner, and gel,
In scrunchies and hair ties, too many to tell.
In whimpers and squirms when the comb would come near,
In relaxers and perms year after year.


Living with you was a daily fight,
But I loved the days
When you turned out just right.
In 2014 we finally called a truce,
That’s when I decided to let your curls loose.
For a whole year I could call you a friend,
And I couldn’t imagine that would ever end.

When doctors spoke of the effects of the drug
I wrapped you up tight on my head like a hug.
Not a sparkle of sun did your spirals once see
And each morning I woke,
Further off my head you would be.


Held fast in that ponytail is where you remained,
From scissors and clippers I always abstained.
Nurses would threaten to shave you off in the night,
But like a security blanket I clung on so tight.

Then came the day when I made up my mind:
After round two of chemo I would leave you behind.
I cried and I cried, and then cried some more,
At merely the thought of you on the floor.
Down through the hospital my mom and I traveled,
Where doctors raced by and patients straggled.


Kyra came along to talk nonstop,
Distracting my thoughts away from the chop.
I kept my gaze averted away from the buzzing
Trying to pretend I felt not a thing.

When it was done I put on a hat
And left you laying discarded on the mat.
Needless to say I shrank two inches that day,
Missing the mass I never got to weigh.
It took hours before I could look in a mirror,
“I look like a Dalmatian,” I said with a sneer.


I tried to hide on the way back to PA,
But the cashier at McDonald’s just wouldn’t look away.
My arrival at home was met with some shocks
For my brother and cousins had all cut off their locks!
They did it for me and I could hardly believe that,
But that doesn’t mean I ever took off my hat.

To this day I’ve tried wigs both plain and colorful,
But being without you, my fro,
still makes me feel dull.

People have said that they like the new me,
But my stubborn ass true love forever you’ll be.


2 thoughts on “An Ode to My Beloved Afro

  1. You are hilarious! Love your new hair cut… So proud of you… Your Fro will grow 🙂 Love you! Can”t wait to see you this summer 🙂


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